Become St. Nicholas to Ukrainian animals!

Let’s help GladPet, a non-profit organization in Odessa that takes care of homeless animals!

Become St. Nicholas to one of Ukrainian animals this year!
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Has St. Nicholas brought you any gifts this year?

That’s the central question Ukrainian kids and adults ask each other on the morning of December 19th every year.

A colleague of Santa Claus, St. Nicholas (Sviatyii Mykolai in Ukrainian), is unique to Ukrainian winter holiday traditions. He places his gifts under pillows or in boots during the night of December 18, making the morning of December 19 one of the most exciting mornings of the year for children and adults alike.

Become St. Nicholas to one of the Ukrainian animals this year!

Despite the war, everyone deserves a gift from St. Nicholas this year. So, Galaxy Vets Foundation is announcing a fundraiser to raise money for essential gifts such as food, medicine, and veterinary care for Ukrainian animals in need. Those who have lost their parents, were abandoned due to the war, were affected, injured, or got sick due to active military action, are struggling to survive.

Your monetary contribution can be a literal lifesaver for a little kitten who’s just been born and requires vaccination, a 12-year-old dog who has lost his parents in a missile strike and experiences chronic stress and needs constant attention from a veterinary professional, or a small shelter, over-populated with animals, stray and lost, who need food, heating, sterilization, and other necessary veterinary procedures that can be guaranteed only with the individual contributions from people who cannot ignore animals in need. $4000 will cover veterinary care for 150 animals and help feed stray pets in the city.